What you get


What is a coach?

  • As your coach we are your guide.
  • We are your partner in accomplishing you business and personal goals.
  • We are your supporter, advocate, defender, companion and guardian during times of change. We are your guide in communication and life proficiencies. We are your confidant when you are making life choices.
  • We are your unconditional backup when you take a hit.
  • We are your guide in personal development.
  • We are your private architect in creating an extra project. We are your guiding light during turbulent times.
  • We are your wake-up call when you don’t or cannot hear your own alarm bells ringing.
  • We provide a relentless demand for your ideal life.

Just imagine what it will be like to wake up every morning and know you hold the “master key” to success. Your body will glow with warm light because you’ve finally found the secrets to achieve limitless success, wealth and hapiness.

And the best part is, as you complete our programs, you’ll attract success in ways that are completely in alignment with your highest principles. Finally, you will be firmly in control of your life and destiny.

Coaching and Grooming.

Most people think that captains and leaders, industry greats and sports professionals have a coach because they’re the best. Our observation is that they are and remain the best only because they have a great coach.

Coaching provides a discrete, highly confidential and penalty-free environment where nothing is off-limits, allowing you to test thoughts and fears, and, strategies and ideas in a discrete and private environment, an environment free from any leaks or threat of misinterpretation of first thoughts and incomplete plans. Coaching often provides a restorative experience especially during tough interludes; this in turn gives further rise to greater insights into immediate needs and strategies for the future.

Most senior management and leaders we have come across, and work with, have no one inside (or outside) their organizations to turn to for safe, objective and totally confidential support on creativity and new ideas, stress, structuring of change and strategizing, conflict management, personal competency and communications challenges. The top leaders in any field of excellence ensure that they always have a coach.

In business as in politics, coaching is not for beginners or those who cannot make it; it is in a sense, the power inside the throne, it is for successful senior professionals who want to be even more successful.

What’s in it for you?
In one line:-
Power, Authority, Control, Wisdom, Knowledge, Prudence, Judiciousness, Allure, Money and Influence.

You’ll achieve a spectacular improvement in your ability to influence with authority, control conflict and moreover be a dynamic influencer anytime, in any setting. Your value and effectiveness to your organisation will multiply — not to mention these skills provide you with more opportunities and control over your own personal future.
Most highly skilled people have discovered themselves missing in the quest for critical leadership skills, often when thrust into the spotlight of a more senior executive promotion. There comes a time when a rise in executive rank or seniority presents an unexpected new hurdle. The sudden perception that “downside” influence and soft management skills that worked in a preceding position fall way short when it comes to influencing “outwards” and “upwards” and engaging with authority.
You’ll find you will express your ideas more clearly, listen more attentively to anybody, control conflict, increase your productivity, and help make your group more productive with critical leadership skills allowing you to align with and match your own corporate agenda, initiatives, and culture, and also to promote and communicate your own vision to your peers and sub-ordinates.
We provide you with a training which delivers no holds barred competencies. This training will make you an executive luminary. Formidable communication tools, influence skills, conflict control, training and support.

Highly relevant information; authoritative and unbiased.”
“Comprehensive documentation.”
“Goodup-to-date information.”

Communication Unplugged
This what we do better than anybody in the world – our flagship program that will change your life for the better forever!

Communication Unplugged covers

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Ever ask yourself this question, “am I really prepared for the future?” ?.

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