Conflict Unplugged

Learn how you can function and maintain control, when dealing with difficult enraged, rude, impatient, emotional, persistent, toxic or aggressive people.

Conflict, strife and political bullying in the workplace is almost inescapable. Knowing techniques that work for dealing with difficult people and situations is a core competency for anyone in any business today.

When dealing with conflict everyone possesses varying levels of ability, some are competent and skilful while others are inept, ignorant and weak. Some of us have no problem at all dealing with a desperately-emotional person that nobody else can tolerate. Many of us have issues working with “mood-hoovers”, those who whinge and are negative to the extent that their sole presence sucks any cheer out of a room. Most of us feel that dealing with aggressive people is the most objectionable and difficult thing to cope with. Many of us are irritated by over passive or overly unreceptive people who frustrate many of us to absolute distraction. Some people have no tolerance for loud-mouths and windbags.

Sometimes we are culprits ourselves, because our personal behaviour can on occasion make us objectionable to others!

There are 12 difficult behaviour patterns that characterize people behaving at their worst, behaviour patterns that even normal rational people exhibit when they feel threatened or aggravated. Once you know what the 12 deep seated triggers that drive people to act or behave in a difficult manner represent, you can then begin to control the triggers and steer the situation back into control and deal successfully with each of them.

Our simple discrete one-page “wheel of strife” toolset will provide an instant reference when you need to know the following:

  • How difficult people think, what they fear, and why they act the way they do.
  • How to use advanced, sophisticated “listening techniques” to unlock the doors to people’s minds, hearts, and deepest needs.
  • How to develop the nine crucial “control” skills that turn conflict into cooperation
  • How to change the destructive behaviour of a bully.
  • How to handle the treacherous backstabber or the sneaky sniper
  • How to survive and encourage a “mood-hoover”
  • How to work and deal with the most difficult people in the world and people you truly cannot tolerate.
  • How to work with authority
  • How to communicate outwards:- how to find the balance; between saying what you think and saying what they want to hear (without loosing your job)
  • How to find the courage to stand your ground when you want to leave
  • How to step forward in the face of unwavering challenger?

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