Creativity Unplugged – time to create something for the future – to make the world a better and happier place.

  • This program always gives you a view beyond what and where you are, to what you can and will be and want to be.

How will people talk about your accomplishments in 100 years time?

Simply adopting new stuff is not truly creative, that (adopting new stuff)  is simply the act of emulating something that others have already finished creating, i.e. keeping up.

True creativity is like alchemy, delivering something from nothing.

Come along and learn to enter the genius zone where you can invent and be as successful as Socrates, Plato, Leonardo Da Vinci, Niels Bohr, Walt Disney, Win Wenger, Jack Welch.

Defining and creating your working environment and vision for the next 6 months through to 10 years.
Structured practices for creative thinking and innovation.

  • Creativity is the consequence of hard work, effort, homework and energy.
  • Creativity is available to anyone who has wishes and wants to achieve.
  • Creativity is not a gift, granted by some divine and mystical entity to a chosen few, not at all. All that is required is the eagerness to make creativity a custom, a central part of your life and some preparation. To be creative, you have to know how to prepare for creativity.

Discover more than 29 secrets to inspire and unleash anyone facing a blank train of thought and to launch your mind toward new possibilities.
These exercises are practical and immediately doable. We provide the ways to restore order, peace and vision in your thinking. Discover how to turn your mind and body into creative collaborators. Learn how to clear a cluttered mind in minutes.

Creativity begins with a want, followed by practice, existing knowledge, exploiting your memories and experiences, then organizing preserving and bringing order to your stuff.

Discover how to take a deep breath and begin to unleash yourself!
Uncover the secret steps to real creativity:-

  • How to get started, with a blank canvas or a white room
  • How to prepare: – Methods and Procedures
  • Discover your own creative perspective (Your view of your Creative fingerprint)
  • When and How to challenge your own assumptions
  • Bring in your own experiences in life
  • How to do research and get organized (Find a box to think out of)
  • How to find inspiration when you have none
  • How to take advantage of the unexpected
  • Ensure you have a clear idea of what you are about to create
  • Becoming the expert and competent with the necessary skill set
  • How to deal the rut or treadmill and getting off the comfort roundabout
  • How to harness and learn from setbacks and how to use failure

Discover how what you have done before makes you more creative. Starting with the first step of looking, listening, digging and sniffing for ideas, through finding the core of your needs and wants, and getting out of ruts onto productive superhighways.

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