How many people will know who you are in 50 years time?

Who do you need to establish a relationship with now in order to have an “inner circle” of influential friends and colleagues in 20 years time?

How Do top people make it to the peak of their game?

Very Simply, they don’t subscribe to all that “go it alone”, “I do things my way” hardened independence or the self-centred “I don’t have anything I didn’t earn myself” rubbish.

Your network of relationships determine your net worth in life and in business. Above anything a first-class network of active contacts and exclusive relationships will add to your personal worth and value. Relationships are what distinguish highly successful people from everyone else, through the way they use the power of internal relationships – so that everyone succeeds.

The biggest thing we need to really understand is that you cannot get to the top without help from others.

For many of us, “Networking” has become a subject of ridicule – for very good reasons. Many “Networking Events” attract rooms of wannabees and unemployed job-seekers desperate for a quick way into to a top career spot. Or . . . ., even more dreadful is a room full of either sycophantic or backslapping or groping salespeople adding to their business card collection, cards that get thrown away, as soon the “top-job” doesn’t manifest as quickly as hoped.

Perhaps you are the CEO of the company working hard, while others toil away making all the money for you, or the superstar entrepreneur, creating and implementing a world-changing product, or the private bank director who finds a book runner for a billion dollar global deal. What really matters is that we all depend on others for all of our successes.

Tom Hanks looked great in the movie “The Da Vinci Code”, but he did it with a crew of hundreds. Everyone needs their own “crew”; partners, clients, employees, coaches, friends and acquaintances, marketers . . . etc. etc. etc.

I will not intend to try to convince you that networking is valuable. If you took the time to get to this page, you know how valuable it is, and you are also very aware that you can be way better.


The Fact remains, a wide network of genuine intimate associations with people is clearly the most valuable thing you can create for your career, your company and, indeed, your entire life.

Let us get together, let us do something very different with the world of Networking. Let’s discover how to form sincere relationships and build genuine caring communities and inspire “great-groups” – relationships that make possible everyone’s dreams happiness and success.

Attend this workshop, and you will learn how to develop and then sustain and cherish these meaningful relationships. I will disclose the specific principles I’ve come to know and accept as real legitimacy in building these deep intimate associations, truths that lead to success, sales, career growth, and, of course, closeness and intimacy.

Once we are all in harmony with the same main beliefs, we’ll explore those vital life altering techniques; methods that are crucial for building your own close private circle of lobbyists, cheerleaders and active supporters; – essentially how to develop your own “crew” – the most essential success factor in business.

Go behind the the “glass” or “lace” ceiling. Discover how to positively influence those whose co-operation is vital to your future, before someone else gains that crucial authority first!.

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