Communication and Influence Unplugged

Critical executive influence skills, persuasion engineering and design, for leaders and senior management. Practically everything you need to know to persuade others to listen, understand and agree with you.

The psychology of communicating and speaking so that people will listen, understand and respond to you. Discover the tools and skills needed to influence and reach agreement, on even the toughest issues. Designing your communication to achieve the response you wish.

This 3 day workshop shows you

  • how to lead persuade and influence when you’re not in charge
  • how to read and understand anybody,
  • how to bring out the best in people
  • how to influence and persuade people you cannot stand
  • how to steer critical conversations and confrontations
  • how to engineer your communication and day to day conversations for maximum impact.
  • learn about the latest developments in influence psychology
  • how to motivate, influence and persuade people to agree with almost anything you propose
  • discover how to own your territory even on unfamiliar turf.

Come and learn the critical communication skills that you wish you always had and didn’t know where too look.

Your ability to communicate, to influence, to persuade others to follow your way of thinking is the single most important skill; in business, in management, in a professional practice, in maintaining intimate relationships and obviously, in selling and banking.

  • Would you like to become more skilled in your communication and your approach to other people?
  • Do you sometimes ask yourself why some people explain things and get their point across more effectively than others?
  • Do you ever wonder how to get others to see your point more effectively? Every useful communication involves persuasion, the skill behind social influence.

Whether you want to win friends, influence colleagues or inspire a team, you need your message to be accepted and acted upon. Period.

Would you like to discover how to communicate with greater precision to achieve your objectives? Have you ever wished you could become a more effective communicator?

  • There is a way of asking a question where anyone will say “yes” to every time! The concept behind this knowledge is critical; millions wish they knew the answer to this. Many people mistake structure for precision in their communication. The unplugged communication model will make influencing and inspiring others second nature. Knowing how to be precise in your communication is a precious skill you will use to make influencing others as natural as a handshake reflex.

How do you know whether you are being understood, and how do you really affect others?

  • We can achieve greater bonds with other people by matching (to a certain extent) their way of thinking and behaving.. By simply knowing and becoming aware of the how someone operates you will also begin to understand better, what they are saying, to the extent that they will translate their intentions into a language you can interpret and understand. Would you like to discover the 6 critical drivers that stand between others understanding you and confusion? Without this knowledge you are often unable to consistently communicate and influence people who are dissimilar to you.

How much do you really know about diversity? Do you really understand why every person living within a nation’s borders doesn’t necessarily share the same cultural biases and references. Do parallel universes really exist?

  • Diversity:- sex, race, culture, religion and language – subject matter, that if handled inaccurately can spell communication disaster (and trigger devastating civil or global wars.
  • Is there an encoding secret to different nationalities; American or Canadian, Welsh, Scotch or English, British or German, Japanese or French, African or Western ?
  • What makes a statement sexist, racist, homophobic or ageist and why?
  • What makes a statement acceptable or humorous, inspiring or tacky?
  • How to be a People Person with other people

Successful communicators know exactly how to “tap dance” in the minefield of social and cultural diversity. We will help you re-discover the single yet simple most powerful thing that will build a bridge across any social barrier!

Every culture has a “archetypal consciousness” that directs the behaviour of its members. You will learn how this theme shapes all our attitudes today.
Understanding the diversity enigma helps people sell Australian wine in France and Italian Espresso to a Japanese tearoom. This “archetypal consciousness” fuels thinhs such as

  • the evolution of family life
  • the relationship between male and female
  • who we choose to be our leaders
  • how we associate ourselves with the rest of the world
  • the reason why Italian men are so good at seduction
  • what made America choose George W. Bush for the American Presidency while the British and European media “chose” John Kerry?
  • why is eye contact such an emotional experience.

You will discover the signals, the silent system of invisible templates that we unconsciously learn to apply as we grow up within our “world”. These signals vary all over the world and quietly shape how we behave in our personal lives, as consumers, and in business. Understanding and acknowledging these templates are what make the difference between success and failure

How to influence magically.

  • Do you really know the hows and whys of managing and influencing upwards and outwards.Can you inspire rather than delegate. Do you influence your reports or do you issue orders. How do you set about to get ideas into the heads of people who are not listening or have high resistance profiles. Can you motivate a team at the drop of a hat.

How DO sceptics and non-skeptics perceive and respond to persuasive messages.

  • If you don’t know this information you could unknowingly be unsuccessful in almost 30-40% of all of your encounters. Discover specific methods to get beyond “no” even in the most difficult situations. Discover how to script your communication to influence and recognize those scripts that do not work. Discover how to dramatically increase your chances of “yes” in every single meeting. Discover how to enter another person’s mind and repattern their thoughts! Discover the exact presentation order for an idea or proposal. We will reveal the mystery of “freedom of choice” and how critical the number of choices impacts a decision. Find out how to generate influence by creating the perception of ownership or belonging.

More of what you’ll get on Communication Unplugged:

  • Learn strategies that overcome resistance and induce anticipated regret for maximum results!
  • The hidden secrets of influence using questions and statements.
  • You will have a complete understanding of how to actually implement all of these skills in your life, your relationships and career.

In Communication Unplugged you’re going to find out how to change people’s perception of you in an instant.

  • Unlock the secrets of charisma, personal magnetism, and generating enthusiasm for you, your product, or your idea.
  • Discover how to raise your charisma intensity in overnight.
  • Discover that many people believe and form opinions about things they know nothing about and how this makes influencing them with something tangible far easier.
  • Learn how to use the “Celebrity testimonial” even when you don’t know one!
  • What doesn’t work in gaining compliance once you have a relationship.
  • Developing your credibility and the most common mistakes people make in building credibility.
  • Learn how to set objectives before speaking, calling or writing
  • How to customize the words for each audience
  • How to develop social “themes” for each presentation
  • How to organize material in a memorable manner
  • How to edit for best effect
  • How to motivate audiences to change their actions and attitudes

Discover how to involve listeners by using humour, heart and audience participation exercises to deal with problems and show-disasters; from poor staging and faulty audio and visual equipment to hecklers and questions of money and ethics.

Discover How to set things up so that you have the confidence to appear relaxed and the gravitas to sound “matter of fact”

What works when you wish to project an aura of expertise and a professional “image” through personality, voice, posture and clothes. PLUS what doesn’t work.

What makes Communication Unplugged different from every other program about persuasion is that this material is fresh, powerful, tested, and virtually all of what you will discover is unique! This is the culmination of 17 years of live testing and 20 years of anecdotal and academic research. This program is designed for you.

Fact is; most people can’t wait to apply their Unplugged skills to their immediate assignments, and in doing so drive new and better ways of delivering immediate, next working day added value in their jobs.

If you want to understand colleagues, customers, constituents, and crowds, this course is mandatory.

Some questions and answers.

Q). Will I really be able to influence upwards?
A). Oh, yes, and outwards and even higher up too. Use it or lose it really applies here. It’s actually gets easier the higher you go. Question is can you influence downwards, . . . . now that’s a true people skill. I often wonder about management heads who delegate execution downwards and then wonder why people don’t buy into their vision.

Q). A question we always get asked by anyone who doesn’t know us. “What makes Unplugged so unique from the programmes?”
A). The short answer is; we will change your life for the better, something you will become very aware of from the first day on any Unplugged programme – because from the the first moment to the last it’s about you.

Q). Some people who have been on the programme speak of the secret “M” factor. What is the “M” factor?
A). It’s really just a secret something that most people keep to themselves once they discover it.

Q). Why is it called the “M” factor who invented it?
A). Unfortunately they won’t appreciate us telling anyone. Oh, . . . . it’s not really spelt that way either.
Q). Does this training work for everyone?
A). No it does not. It’s not for those who believe their attitude and mental state have no impact on their interactions with others. It is not for those seeking a magic bullet. It is for the exceptional few who are fully committed to improving their existing knowledge, skills and performance. You can either do something new every day or see your skills and ability skyrocket, or you can stay average and mediocre, for the rest of your life. The Unplugged focus is on enabling you to achieve the ultimate advantage over mediocrity.

Q). What do we expect of our clients?
A). We expect everyone to participate, because as clearly as life exists there is no such thing as a passive master or leader. Leaders and masters participate – this is something that all leaders and masters know. Leadership is about participation and execution.

Q). What’s all this talk about measuring, and Lean Six Sigma?
A). We apply a metric to our programme for two reasons. One for internal quality control so we can monitor and fine tune things for each and everyone. Secondly, because these are “soft skills” we feel Unplugged Sigma is a cool way to keep you personally engaged and answerable, so we give you a measurable, comparable reference of how you are doing at each step. It helps keep us all safe from the delusions and ravages of mediocrity.

Unplugged Communication is an NLP focussed Communication Model developed By Gary Sage and David Hagan.

The Unplugged Model provides a a methodology for communication, and is built around a NLP / NHR influence methodology. It provides a powerful delivery platform for teaching Executive and Leadership communication skills.

The Unplugged methodology entails using very, deep knowledge tools to enable very quick pervasive changes across a wide range of communication behaviour so they quickly and easily become good habits. Dr Richard Bandler the co-founder of NLP stated, “People learn better if they do it quickly rather than slowly.”

The Unplugged Model is developed around the fast uptake of good communication skills irrespecive of the persons background. It’s about establishing a state of awareness that allows people to assimilate material consciously and unconsciously. In other words, if you teach people something at the cognitive or conscious level they often don’t learn to use the new skills automatically. The Unplugged model enables anyone to build a powerful machine at the unconscious level that will help them assimilate what they’ve learnt as automatically as the handshake reflex when you meet someone.

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“no matter what people say or think, the fact remains that most work processes – particularly those that are complex – take place between people not computer systems” – unknown

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