What we do

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We take businesses to levels of success they had never dreamed of by showing the people within those businesses how to activate their Value.


We teach. We coach. We groom. We build Relationships.

Three areas designed specifically around you, and then to follow, around your team.

  • Coaching is a way of obtaining and refining the skills you need to do your present job.
  • Grooming is the only way of really attaining the skills and attributes you need for the next level up.
  • Building your circle of strategic relationships which ultimately determines your net worth in life and in business.

Critical executive influence skills, persuasion engineering and design, for leaders and senior management. Practically everything you need to know to persuade others to listen, understand and agree with you.

The psychology of communicating and speaking so that people will listen, understand and respond to you. Discover the tools and skills needed to influence and reach agreement, on even the toughest issues. Designing your communication to achieve the response you wish.
The marketplace is full of “cookie cutter” (standardised) communication courses that have been standardised into a “one size fits all” framework with material that has in many cases been obsolete since the 1950’s. This has proliferated an industry where certificates of “mastery” are provided to attendees simply for attendance. What differentiates us is that mediocrity is never ever an option. We deliver an fast paced, highly focussed training, via an intimate and fascinating group dynamic. In place of (often out-of-context) case histories about other people, we focus our training on you and address things in the context of your immediate needs and wants. Through the very best in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Repatterning through Priming and Thin Slicing, to the latest developments in influence psychology. This is the cutting edge of the art, science and psychology of communicating. The secret lies in four simple features of The Unplugged model.

This programme always gives you a view beyond what you are – to what you can be, and then leads you there.
This Unplugged approach constantly questions, ignores limits, and never ever settles for mediocrity or even the benchmark. This program is not an as-long-as-it-works, tread-gently-lest-we-hurt-somebody’s-feelings kind of thing. It’s about taking action and participating in life and enjoying it.
This program requires you to participate, because as sure as life exists there are no passive masters or leaders. Leaders and masters participate – this is something that all leaders and masters know. To rise to excellence, means consistently executing and delivering beyond your own and your organizations highest aspirations.
Ask yourself this now, “what one thing about yourself could you improve, that would make the most difference in your organizational performance over the next week, month, quarter, year and three years?”

OK, so how do you get to achieve this?

First you call us and commit to the programme, then we will need to refine your skills in negotiation, strategic relationships, communication, and influencing your peers, and those in power.

We school you around the core Unplugged Leadership Skills: through off-site seminars, salons, and one-2-ones where you learn sophisticated and revolutionary ways to deal with:- negotiation, strategic relationships, communication, and influence .
You get to define your leadership style and we coach you around the latest developments in influence psychology, how to motivate and then how to influence and persuade people to agree with almost anything you propose. You get to learn the things no business school may possibly teach.

You will also need to find two types of people in your management team, real true believers at the top and get-on-with-it-and-do-it-now types everywhere else on your watch.

Then. . . . . if you are really, really ready, we introduce you to the most advanced Leadership Grooming Programme ever.
Here you get to immerse yourself and explore the most exciting secrets of the leadership pipeline. You get down to defining your own personal leadership philosophy and culture, through to developing an organizational culture that inspires people to give their best everyday.
We introduce the tools to measure your progress every step of the way – Using Unplugged Sigma we benchmark you against your goals and the characteristics of some of the great leaders of the day, just so we all can see how you are doing in the real world.
The rest as they say is up to you. Well sort of, there is a secret – common knowledge to every one of the top 10 CEOs – but it lies deep in the measuring and the grooming.
What differentiates the Unplugged program from anything else? – It’s all about creating a wide open blue ocean through strategy and thinking – the competition becomes irrelevant. It is truly about your life and business on your terms, what you really, really want, exactly the way you want it.

Finally we have the answers to your most elusive leadership questions.
How do you influence outwards – peers and subordinates.
And. . . . .
Most crucially, how do you influence upwards – authority, power and rainmakers?
The Unplugged Performance System delivers value based results, fast. The actual value depends on you and your team and shows up on the Unplugged dashboard and the bottom line.

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