Unplugged Edge

We would like to give you something extra, an advantage, some people call it the Edge. We invite you and your team exclusively, to spend two days of your life and a little money, and allow me to introduce you to, 7 exclusive influence principles, a bit of NLP and the Unplugged model, plus the unique technology that goes along with it, to create the kind of world you have always wanted, and deserve to live in.

Making the jump from Individual Contributor to making an extreme difference to your own world and that of your team. This is an exclusive, by invitation only, program.

Whatever the challenge at your company – improving customer service, dealing with change, inspiring change, improving team or corporate culture, recruiting and especially keeping great talent, building “great groups”, teamwork, inspiring and creating innovation – it all boils down to the following: someone has to do something special and convince others to help and contribute. Someone, in other words, has to take responsibility. Someone has to take the lead and inspire others to follow.

But what about the people stuff? How do you handle the intangible issues that are trickiest to resolve, such as, lack of strong motivation, insufficient team focus and discipline, poor staff attitude and morale, unhealthy corporate and political relationships, and lack of open and honest communication.

Leadership, ultimately, has nothing to do with your title or your position on the organizational chart. It’s about who you are becoming and what you can do to change things for the better. You simply need the ability to influence, the power to transform and the courage to change the world of your company, your customers and your industry. It’s about marketing yourself as a brand+identity, very sublimely.

Irrespective of your rank, place or position in a company, we will show you a truly special approach for being the architect of transformation from any position or level in the company. This is exactly what you need: authority and influence on auto-pilot.

It’s like being given an excuse to look forward to and enjoy every moment of your working day, from the moment you become awake, to the moment where you begin to sleep and dream. Acute people and perception and awareness is possible, it simply takes time and practise, and knowing what to look for.

Let us introduce to you the seven simple things that can help you change your world to become the just the way you want it.

Call me now on +44 7711 353 440.

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