Soft Skills

Some people have been misled to believe that communication skills and “soft” skills hold a lower priority than “getting the job done”. Some even consider the need for training themselves and their teams as a “soft option”, one that exposes weaknesses. The first conclusion is as self-sabotaging as it is sad, and the second It’s a bit like knowing exactly where the secret treasure is buried, yet never bothering to dig for it.


The capacity to influence, the psychology of persuasion, the science and practice of persuading others to your way of thinking is the single most important factor in success; in business, management, in a professional practice, in maintaining intimate relationships and obviously, in selling. Every useful communication involves persuasion. You want to become an expert in social influence. You DO want to win friends and influence people. You want your message to be accepted and acted upon. Period. Without effective persuasion techniques and finely honed influential skills can any of this be possible.

“It is easy to spot someone who has been on the Unplugged programme, they really can do things that others wish were possible”

“If I showed you other people, just like you, who are doing exactly what you want… would you at least believe it is possible for you?”

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