The Project

The Project is a true challenge – a quest – like “Becoming a Philanthropist in 9 months” and “eradicating poverty one community at a time”. The Project is win!-win!-win!, it brings the ultimate reward to those who have the courage and dare to change the world!

Cerca Trova - Seek and you shall findBefore you go further – think about what you stand for; cozy everyday sameness and mediocrity – or – are you ready for ethical trailblazing, are you ready to create something much much bigger than yourself, up early and innovating, excited and on a mission to change the world.

If it’s the latter – The Project is a place where we can talk as though nothing else matters – where we can think because nothing else matters – where we can be because everything we do matters.

Do you have a clear and compelling wish for your life.

Now, for some it may be to make a few million and more. For others, it may be to be a loving husband, a super dad or a great mother. But then again it may be all of the above and then more, while still being able to give back a few million to make the world a better place.

Whatever your definition of success is, you deserve to be fulfilled no matter what direction you take your life. Often in today’s complex world, many get caught in the process of achieving so much, that they lose sight of what they really want -many end up surviving to achieve and achieving to survive.

Do you ever wonder how the wealthiest people in the world really get to change the world. Why is it so easy for them to create wealth and lose it or give it all away and create it all over again? How much money could you raise in 9 months?

Wealth is about investment and influence. There are only really 7 maybe 8 ways to achieve true wealth.

Wealth has little to do with how much money, property or investments you have; it’s about what and whom you have access to.

Wealth is what you dig into when you’re left with no cash, when you need to do something truly outstanding, to stand and deliver, to give.

Do you have a dream or goal that you’ve always wanted to reach for but haven’t been able to get round to it yet? Well, until the time comes for you to do something about it your life will remain the way it’s always been. The time is now.

The Project is a powerful 12 month life-changing experience, you will begin on a journey toward remarkable business skills and knowledge by joining up with powerful new friends and contacts, mentors and rain-makers. You will end up enveloped in an extraordinary life – life on your terms, filled with compassion and unbridled happiness, limitless access to success and lasting legacy of fulfillment.

Do you have a clear and compelling mission that defines who you are?

The Project is a true keystone event, a program designed for those with the courage to take life to the next level.

During the first 9 months everyone on The Project will experience phenomenal breakthroughs in business and in your life. You will begin living and creating an extraordinary life for yourself – a life you may only have dreamed about in the past. You will also have created and built one true legacy that will be yours for ever.

Month 10 brings a truly unforgettable experience – one that you will always remember.

Finally – you will begin to take charge of continuously changing your world, the quality you bring to your business and you will craft and map out your destiny. You will have the opportunity to begin to master the strategies to cut out unnecessary risk, and protect and preserve your wealth in the future.

During your journey on The Project will discover yourself increasing in confidence, power and accomplishment all the while experiencing an alchemy of the latest and greatest findings in classical and quantum science, philosophy, psychology, business strategy philanthropy and just good common sense. Simultaneously – you will literally become personally responsible for changing the lives of thousands people you may never even meet – however they will know what you gave to them. You will take your first steps toward becoming a philanthropist!

You will discover and learn to quickly and easily invest in all sectors of your life. We live in a place where anyone and especially you have the ability to literally create anything and everything you want in the world, your business and without any reserve, your life.

Get a proven plan for delivering your vision.

The Project is a call to those who wish to take action and be counted. Many people talk about making poverty history by giving a little bit of the wealth to worthy causes. True wealth is a position of power and responsibility, a position where you get to stamp out poverty and injustice.

You see the truly wealthy have a special kind if access to people and things that can make good things happen.

In truth everyone has access to people and things that can make good things happen – we will show you how and where to obtain this access. Be aware this takes courage and commitment – no magic bullets here.

Philanthropy is the realm of the truly wealthy, that is what wealth is all about, wealth is what changes the world and makes it a better place. No matter how successful you are, deep down inside, you know there’s more than enough for everyone.

You know in your heart of hearts that life is not really meant to be a struggle, yet you have probably been conditioned and influenced to think that only sweat, savings, investments and hard work will get you where you want to be. Here’s a better way…

We’ll give you instant access to a powerful peer group that will hold you accountable and support you anytime, anyplace.

The Project delivers a plan for an abundant, wealthy and fulfilled world, tremendous success and prosperity in your business and especially for you an abundant, wealthy and fulfilled life. You may have to learn to walk before you can run, but you need learn a few more skills before you can fly.

Wealth is not acquired by reading a book, having a single experience or attending hundreds of events. Wealth is earned through concentrated energy and focus. Of course there is money involved, millions in fact. The Project will expect you to be raising a million pounds in hard currency.

The Project is hands on, very hands on. It’s not for the greedy nor is it a “get-rich-quickly” program. But it’s not as hard as you think, and the process is incredibly exciting and satisfying . One thing we will guarantee – join The Project now and you will begin to change the world, enrich your business, and make yours a truly extraordinary life

Can you truly lead? If tomorrow, the call came to lead your team or your family to a position of wealth – could you?

Do you want to understand how to generate true wealth in your life.

Has any of your leadership training really provided global value?

Do you make the world a better place every day?

Do you really contribute to the world, to humanity?

Join us now on the The Project and discover that since the beginning of time all wealth is created by one principle – investment. Within the first 3 months In this program you will personally become involved in working with vast amounts of money. There is way more to investment than most people think, by the time you have journeyed through the first 9 months of this 12 month program you will be a truly successful wealth creator for the world, for your business and of course for yourself.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, investor, self-employed or “building pyramids for someone else”, no matter how sophisticated you currently are in the wealth creation game, join “The Project” and you will have a very special opportunity to accelerate your contribution to the world, your business and especially to yourself.

Join us, and start making the world a better place – my question to you is “what will be your legacy?”.

By now you will know that this an extraordinary program – No MBA, Business School or personal development program even comes close to this. Make the one decision to change your life for ever – The Project.

If you are one of those rare individuals committed to contributing, and growing as an empowered leader in your business, family, and the world we want you to join us.

If you are truly committed to accelerating your ability to create wealth in this world, for your business and especially for yourself, and contribute wealth, then ‘The Project’ IS for you!

If you are ready to put some “skin” into changing the world. This is an invitation to you to reserve your place on the program – feel free to apply, if you have a good reason to change your world and that of others. To be a part of the 2008 program please contact us


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