What people are saying.
Having attended Gary Sage’s training I have a much improved sense of where other people are coming from in their communication and what I can do to help them meet me where I want them to go. Gary teaches a test and observation method of communication and debunks thousands of popular books and methods that use prescriptive means to communicate. Anyone that has ever tried these prescriptive methods will agree that at best they don’t work all the time and mostly they don’t work at all. Anyone attending Gary’s courses needs to be prepared to have their boundaries stretched. Taking things at face value and always doing what you have always done will no longer be an option. Some might find this experience uncomfortable but everyone I know felt a change for the better.”
– Clive Verrall  – CIO BNP Paribas India Solutions

“ An excellent map for the decision-making success”
– Dr. Sarah J. S California, USA

“This simple system removes ego from the decision making process and avoids the “me too” speeches that drag out a meeting, polarise the members and add no resolution to the issues.”
– Tim B. MBA – New Jersey

“This approach to making tough decisions has been of enormous value to our team. Even in the toughest of times, organisation’s still have some reserves. Our issue wasn’t that we can’t do anything – it’s that we can’t do everything.”
– B Stuart , London, UK

“I had no idea people operate so differently. It really works. I did the foot thing in a meeting and it was amazing. It works!”
– J.G London UK

“The whole course was good, I still feel good and …surprise, surprise – MOTIVATED.

mixing quantum physics with philosophy with repatterning … in a business context … no-one else comes even close …”
– E.M. Geneva Switzerland.

“We took away way more than we expected”
– RH Guildford, UK

“Gary, you’ve discovered the cure for mediocrity! I was a little skeptical about the Multi Level Listening exercises but I am amazed with the results. Words flow effortlessly now. The course was 3 months ago, I’m still totally blown away. I’ve been to over one hundred other sales negotiation and influence programs. They produce cookie-cutter trainings you can find anywhere. Your Unplugged stuff goes WAY beyond that.”
– RJD – UK

“No more cookie cutter courses for me. This stuff works right away”
– NB Cobham, UK

“I don’t know how I can just do these things now but I just can.”
– MS (Student), UK

“I can’t wait to test all this out on my teachers and school”
– AS (Student), UK

“. . . . . . I then shared some of the skills with my National Sales Manager. He said he was going to send the complete sales department.”
– R.D-B, London UK (FYI :He did! We did 6 in-house trainings,GS)

“ . . . . . this is disgraceful, manipulative, it should be banned . . . ”
, [unhappy customer] – London, UK

“There is real dynamite here. It scares some people. It inspires others.”
Eric Mun – Florida, USA

“These must be some the greatest communication secrets of the ages”
– Ken Jacobi – Minnesota, US

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