Leadership Pipeline

How to know when you are ready for the next position up in your career, for sure! 

If someone bypasses a leadership passage and ends up in a position where they don’t have the necessary skills, time consciousness, and core awareness they inevitably end up in trouble.

The Unplugged Pipeline model guides people through leadership passages efficiently and in a controlled manner. Hopping and skipping and changing roles in midstream hinders the uptake of core values and skills.

The Unplugged Grooming model provides Senior managers who are “stuck”, with a map which shows what new skills are needed to evolve to their next leadership level.

The Unplugged Pipeline model provides a dashboard evaluation tool which shows clearly what is missing and also when someone is ready for the next level.

The Unplugged Pipeline model prepares you for your next leadership position. It clearly defines what is needed to move from one level of seniority to the next without wasting time.
The Unplugged Leadership Grooming is a programme set in the real world and combines the best of “Old School” and cutting edge leadership skills.

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