In search of a fantastic personal Manager Promoter Marketer

OK folks I know you are busy – I need some help here please!

I found something that I don’t do very well at all – so I need some help – someone to address this gap for me. It’s not something I want to do as a role as I find it distracts me to much.

This is something that requires a very special type of person, someone who can be my “boss” so to speak. I am in need of a fantastic manager+promoter+marketer who is looking to team up for a fabulous business and personal development product.

In effect I am the product – I need that special someone who has a sense for opportunity and a good business mind who will promote for me in return for a generous chunk of the proceeds. I come complete with a truly awesome portfolio of tested personal and business development products. I would be a great product for you if you are the right partner, and I have fabulous original material.

I am looking for someone who:
– is looking for a ready made product set
– wants to get going within the shortest possible time.
– really knows how to perform and deliver at Marketing and Management
– really knows how to Define and Sell to a Target Market
– really knows how to Design a Marketing Program around me
– really knows how to Market, Sell and Manage business seminars
– really knows how to Create Marketing Materials
– really knows Product Development & Sales
– has access to Contacts and Resources to create and share in a great business opportunity.

I am known to many as the consultants’ consultant. I design and deliver public workshops and bespoke executive/management development programmes that cover the areas of: Monetizing opportunity, Making Presentations that Make Money, High power communication and influence, quality systems, product presentation skills, conflict resolution, creative problem solving, presentations, negotiation, developing high performance teams.

A Partial Product list can be viewed here.

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