Competency Index FAQ

What is the Project Professional Competency Index?

It is a ranking system which has been expressly developed to measure for competency within the project professional community. Up until recently business, recruiters and HR have had to rely on obtuse psychometrics, population based profiling and qualifications and credentials to qualify competency in the project professional industry. The Project Professional Competency Index has been jointly developed as an assessment system by leading business professionals and cutting edge psychology academics.

Can individuals benefit from private evaluation?

In a word YES. Individuals at every stage of professional development can benefit from an assessment, we provide a voluntary membership ranking score which allows any candidate to view their CI ranking. Potentially this could provide branding and networking opportunities to all those who are seeking professional growth opportunities.

How are candidates selected for inclusion in the Project Professional Competency Index rankings?

Once our competency scoring team has assessed an individual, an anonymous ranking ID is provided to the candidate which can be applied to view their global ranking in relation to all previously reviewed candidates – this score can then be used in an easy to use infographic tool, which reveals their ranking context in relation to the overall database. The primary criteria we review are a person’s competency scores – we seek to differentiate firstly by ensuring competency comes above all qualifications and credentials. If the candidates results meet the standard we review their career path, previous accomplishments, status in their field, and degrees and credentials. In addition, we reference numerous resources to identify strong candidates who are affiliated with professional associations, attend core industry-related events and subscribe to trade publications. Our competency metric will reveal real world competency. Next we need to know that they are proactive, and seek enrichment inside and outside the workplace. In addition, our active members enjoy the privilege of nominating others for inclusion. The top 10 members in each area will be prominently displayed on our ranking dashboard providing tremendous exposure. Everyone who participates will be grouped in a series of categories which can appear for public viewing or private.

Why the focus on Competency?

Competency is a direct indicator of mastery in the field. Competency is displayed through consistently producing high value results as a result of applying a mastered skill-set and a talent for innovation. Cognitive and Behaviour focussed personality tests are popular (and fun), they provide great indicators for cultural fit and team bonding. Other more seemingly contemporary tests today apply population based statistical extrapolation which in our opinion is often fraught with errors. These errors arise from the unavoidable bias that comes with checkboxes and self profiling software tools, consequently the validity is often suspect due to variations in the interpretation of population stereotypes. As much value as these aforementioned tests may seem to provide, they all exhibit a fatal weakness – they simply provide an indicator of potential, they cannot provide hiring managers with a clear measurable proof of actual competency when assessing Project And Programme Professionals. We can measure the difference by using a unique formulated approach. In applying our tested and proven Project Professional Competency Index we actually seek tangible, demonstrable proof of capability, all candidates are screened for cognitive and behaviour skills and we go one step further – we screen for competency. Where the previously mentioned tests infer suitability, we are different – we measure and provide proof of competency. Our test simulators reflect the business world of today, we immerse test candidates, exposing them to realistic situations that test their professional competencies and communication skills in a controlled environment. We provide hiring managers with fair objective, consistent and measurable information about their candidates.

Give me an example of how the Competency Index can benefit the hiring manager?

It’ll save you precious time and slash your risk exposure to a minimum. As a hiring manager imagine having to screen 20 potential Project Managers from various sources for an urgent high power position – under ordinary circumstances, 20 interviews could take weeks if not months. Our PPCI team have the proven capability to assess, measure and rank a group of 20 presented candidates within 48 hours. This may sound like an extreme example, however it’s what we do – it’s a great capability that we could provide at the drop of a hat. Our ranking system can provide the hiring manager with a rated, ranked, assessment profile complete with an optional video in a very short turn around time, typically 24-48 hours. Measuring competency is all we do, so we provide you with decision support data, quickly, and with integrity. We are committed to transparency, so we provide you with all the data needed to screen for 1 or 100 positions.

If you have further inquiries regarding membership, please send us a message using the form below.

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