Divorce Coaching


Begin Your New Life – now!

Your old life may be over by now, but there is a whole new, wonderful life still ahead of you.


This is the dreaded word that tears apart families and leaves you wondering where to go next.

Are you afraid of losing your home, your children, and your family? – your mind?

Do all the legal advisors leave you feeling intimidated, powerless, devastated and frightened?

I am Gary Sage – I am without equal, the worlds best Divorce Coach. With me you are in the safest hands,. I help you through the seven stages of divorce: shock, anger, pain, hatred, grief, healing and your brand new life.

Whether you are going through a bitter break up or an amicable split, you need someone to help you through one of the most painful and life changing experiences anyone can go through.

I have dealt with difficulties of divorce, I know the telltale signs of each stage, how to relieve your frantic emotional state. Hand in hand with my own life experiences I am a coach and also a fully qualified therapist.

With my experience and knowledge I can help you through this painful ordeal.

Why Divorce Coaching?

Beginning a brand new life can be exceptionally stressful. Hiring your own coach helps to move from a place of loss or perhaps failure to a place of strength and power and gives you the control you are craving back in your life. You don’t have to this alone.

With me you can take some of the time to whinge, but I will quickly move you from grumpy into a happier type of action. When you go through a divorce it leaves you in a terribly vulnerable place. I help you to reclaim your self-esteem and create active steps for moving forward with your life.

Often, within a marriage we leave behind a piece of ourselves – by trying so hard in a partnership we sometimes feel we have compromised some of our goals and dreams.

Divorce can provide an opportunity to breathe new life into these long forgotten interests and buried passions and wake up a part of you that’s long been dormant or asleep.

I’m not an advocate of divorce. I believe it’s wonderful when people can stay together, but it sometimes doesn’t always turn out that way.

Working with a coach who specializes in this area can help you to see beyond what and where you are – to where you want to go.

How Will Divorce Coaching Serve You?

When you don’t want or need therapy, coaching is a professional consultation that has as its primary goals the reduction of the often unbearable stress that mounts up from divorce.

Coaching will help you as an individual or as a couple (coaching can be done individually or together) to stay focused and less vulnerable to the emotional roller-coaster that is typical in divorce. Coaching helps you to define and build a clean and stable post-divorce environment that is healthy and productive for you and your children, and your family.

A coach will help you navigate your way through the divorce period by providing guidance, information and positioning skills to meet the life-style challenges of divorce more effectively, simultaneously providing the tools to accomplish a healthy divorce.

To accomplish these things, a coach will:

• help you handle the emotional stage of divorce you are at
• identify the things that are likely to trip you up
• teach you strategies to avoid being derailed
• help you be a better communicator

Most people bring other issues they also wish to address, including parenting and co-parenting, changes in lifestyle, taking on new responsibilities, and future relationships. Coaching will help you define your new life and help you to make good things happen.

For costs and appointments or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.


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