Poverty is terrible!

Let’s solve it!

The Idea

Within weeks of the 2008 credit crisis, most governments of the G8 donor countries of the world became “Venture Angels” as they baled out their local financial markets; all while the 3rd world stood by and watched in awe as many realised that unlike Humpty Dumpty and his King; global business prevailed and overcame – all the G8 governments and the governments women and men are putting the whole system back to together again.
A few individuals rolled up sleeves and changed the world!
That very same conception could be applied to kick-start struggling individual communities in the poorest parts of the world and boot-strap them toward economic viability.

And The Reason

Poverty, the chasm that separates the world’s rich and poor is unnaturally wide.
International Agencies and NGOs struggle with a daily burden of providing basic aid for millions who face malnutrition, AIDS, displacement, disease, conflict and illiteracy. It isn’t chance or bad luck that keeps their clients hopeless; it’s bitter unrelenting poverty that sucks these people into its paralysing grasp.
It’s not just man-made factors like a depraved global trade system and its ideological clash with corruption, it’s not just foreign debt so great that it suffocates any chance of recovery or insufficient and ineffective aid. It’s lack of sound business opportunity and connections in local communities.

So What Is Missing?

Business is what is missing – the world’s poor communities don’t have access to a dedicated business campus or environment and they don’t have access to business expertise. Fix that community by community, and we can get rid of world poverty, community by community.
Make corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental social governance (ESG) part of 1st world consumption psyche fast and we can get rid of world poverty, community by community – fast!

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