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SageMind has nothing to do with my surname. I guess I was just lucky be born with a surname that means what it means.

About Me

I am a Catalyst, dream accelerator, pathfinder, executive coach to the visionaries….

In short I change lives,

because  . . . . . . . ,


About SageMind

There is a conscious awareness available to almost any one of us, and yet, very few people know how to harness it or even bring it into awareness. It is an awesome power that simply lies there in almost all of us, untapped and waiting.

There are many people who do know about it and yet have not experienced it, there are those who aspire to it, but consistently hit a snag, in that they don’t know how to consistently manifest it or even represent it.

For some people the SageMind way of thinking comes naturally, those who are able to harness the sheer power available through SageMind thinking are blessed with having a gift and the ability to exploit it.

It’s like having hundreds of experts who think just like you, to look at things in many different ways.

For everyone who experiences SageMind thinking – it is a truly wondrous experience, a place to create, a place to work on limitless possibilities, free from boundaries of time to work on your creative ideas alongside your latent genius while revealing the deep patterns that unleash our inner power to make our lives and the lives of those around us a powerful and fulfilling experience.



Why SageMind?

Because deep down many of us know that you’re playing small… when you push yourself to your limits you find there’s more… often much more… but do you dare to dream? are you scared of failure… even though the ‘system’ tells us it can’t work, it won’t work, it’s impossible… some of us know . . . there are those of us who do keep the dreams alive, we know there’s a path to our destiny… maybe it’s just we haven’t found yours yet… I can help you find that path quicker… in a sense I am your Dream Accelerator!

I help people who haven’t given up hope of finding the path… a path that up until now has been hidden.

Contact me now. I can change your life.

About The the Unplugged Edge

The Edge is a metaphor for connecting social responsibility, creativity, innovation and risk.  The concept of the Edge was inspired by many things; growing up on the edge of a paradox of idyllic freedom while immersed and surrounded by revolution and change in the South West of Africa and Unplugged discussions with my friend and colleague, David Hagan and the lessons I learned from Richard Bandler.

The Edge is about executing on ideas that arise beyond the mainstream, beyond the conformist, beyond the well-known, far far beyond the mediocre, ideas that are born way out there on the Edge. People who live on the Edge get the idea immediately; then there are those who believe that living in the mainstream center is safe and correct – and they are proud of conforming to opinion – it’s the mainstream mediocre that find the Edge hard to understand, and for those who once had dreams and allowed them die it is even harder for them to get why the Edge is so important.

Those that live at the Edge are those whose dreams will never die – their dreams will become the things that change the world and make it a better place.

About Unplugged

Unplugged is what happens when we disregard Corporate Psychology, and Leadership Theory, and “modern” Business Philosophy when we hurl the Self Help Industry, Behaviourism, Cognitivism, Mysticism and management Militarism into the garbage can, and finally we turn Corporate mediocrity upside down by stirring in some Repatterning and give people’s unconscious a minimum of information and set things up so that they assimilate enormous amounts of material and skills automatically. This is about using very, very deep knowledge tools to be able to make very pervasive changes across a wide range of corporate activities so it becomes a habit. This is about redesigning the way you connect with yourself and your lifelong obligations.
With Unplugged we go one step further.
Dr Richard Bandler the founder of NLP said, “People learn better if they do it quickly rather than slowly.” Different to what many people think but nevertheless absolutely true. We also go about things differently. To us training is not about providing information, techniques or data, it’s about establishing a state of awareness that allows people to assimilate material consciously and unconsciously. We also try to touch people internally sometimes even spiritually. If you teach people something at the conscious level they often don’t learn to use it automatically. So we try to build a powerful machine at the unconscious level that will help them assimilate what they’ve learnt as automatically as the handshake reflex when you meet someone. All the knowledge, tips, tricks and jargon in the world are useless unless you are aware of how to apply your skills. We deliver true awareness, it’s the only way to keep mediocrity at bay.
The Unplugged methodology always gives you a view beyond what you are – to what you can be, and then leads you there.
This Unplugged approach constantly questions, ignores limits, and never ever settles for mediocrity or even the benchmark. This program is not an as-long-as-it-works, tread-gently-lest-we-hurt-somebody’s-feelings kind of thing. It’s about taking action and participating in life and enjoying it.
This program requires you to participate, because as sure as life exists there are no passive masters or leaders. Leaders and masters participate – this is something that all leaders and masters know. To rise to excellence, means consistently executing and delivering beyond your own and your organizations highest aspirations.

Ask yourself this now, “what one thing about yourself could you improve, that would make the most difference in your life over the next week, month, quarter, year and three years?”

So how do you go about it?

Our Unplugged programme is well known for its distinctive approach to revolutionising the design and delivery of leadership skills training. Our experience of applying the techniques of the Unplugged model combined with some NLP and NHR to business has enabled us to design and develop a set of unique programmes calculated to enable you to leverage the most out of your executive skills.

This is the leading edge of development in leadership and executive communication tools. Our tools are being used to boost the skills of some of the most powerful people in business today. We have a highly original approach to strategic challenges in the business arena, and our life changing methods and approach to skills training is utterly unique in the industry.
We host a showcase collection of world class training modules and deliver and maintain ongoing skills enhancement through our unique “Salon” based Coaching programmes. Additionally we constantly deliver cutting edge customised courses tailored to the needs of individual companies and corporations.
We are licensed NLP Trainers with the Society of NLP (headed by the original founder of NLP and NHR – Dr. Richard Bandler) and some of our material is provided with the kind permission of Dr Richard Bandler. Even our assistants are licensed with the Society of NLP.

NLP is a highly effective methodology based on the belief that all behaviour has a structure and that this structure can be modelled, learned and changed.

NHR is is about redesigning the way you connect with yourself physically mentally and to some extent spiritually.

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