From Whinger to Winner: It’s only 3 steps!

The litany of doom, and the glimmers of hope (is it OK to say “greenshoots” again?) that forms the gross domestic  product of  the mass media rollercoaster seems to have morphed into a drug that keeps the masses addicted to it. Even previously intelligent people now seem to subscribe to the opium called news; the collages of opinion that somehow tell us how we must feel and how things are. I find it increasingly amazing that these newsmongers of today have the credibility, through pure brand power to affect the psyche of a well educated global populace.

The other evening,

Dave and I were having a chat with our good friend Alex Inchbald at atz communications about branding and he made a statement that has stuck in my mind (and  in my previous posts:-) …  ,  as I recall, he said this, “at this moment, many of us know we’re playing small… when we push ourselves to our limits we find there’s more… often much more… but few of us dare to dream, because we’re scared of failure or the ‘system’ tells us it can’t work, it won’t work, it’s impossible… those of us who do keep the dream alive, know there’s a path to our destiny… it’s just for some we haven’t found it yet”.

Three types of success thinking abound among people I come across as a coach – there are the slothful people who make a lifestyle decision and refuse to even try and improve their lives, they make excuses, assign blame and know precisely what is not possible – they are the non-starters – there daily presence is as vacuous and empty as their words – their lives have no value and no meaning and they have a damned (sic) good reason for being lazy. These types are not even able to to call themselves losers, they are not anything, they suck the energy out of anything and everything and they are top-class whingers (aka Wieners in the US).

Then there are the losers, but wait!. . . . Losers are not bad people – some people may mock a loser; laugh at #2 or criticise “the last man in”;  however if you ever do  feel the need to mock a loser,  . . . . . perhaps you should stop, stop and think about it from a stoic or observer standpoint.

What follows is another way to perceive things next time you judge losers – for starters consider this; even losers participate Ah HAH! Participation is about acting on your thoughts – participation and Losing and Winning form part and parcel of a conscious choice. Of course losers participate but that’s part of the problem – simply participating is a limiting attitude for consistent losers – the secret is to participate to win.

Tony Robbins and Richard Bandler have taught millions to “take massive action” – taking massive action is the secret to overcoming the restrictions. Taking massive action is an “I WILL DO WHAT IT TAKES” activity that moves you from simple participation, to participating to win.

Winners aim to win – thats why they are always at the top of their field because they aim for the spot where they can be the winners and stay winners and they are constantly and obsessively taking massive action, they do “WHAT IT TAKES” to win.

  1. Gary SageGary Sage04-16-2009

    My opinion, for what it’s worth. It’s about massive action – taking massive sometimes requires a catalyst – someone who triggers the spark that takes us from simple participation to a new way of thinking and doing. A coach is the person who can turn a simple participant into a consistent winner.

  2. Alex InchbaldAlex Inchbald04-19-2009

    Thanks for the add Gary 🙂

    What few people have mentioned about Susan Boyle is that she acts like a winner before she walks on stage… she believe in herself and is playing with the audience before she starts:

    Self-deprecation sets the bar low… at a level that she knows she can FAR exceed… this is not manipulation as some people have described… it is belief… a belief that resonates from her soul to our sub-conscious…

    Whatever she does to her outward appearance if she loses this belief, she stops being a winner!

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