Focus is a Personal thing !

In today’s world where we are all experiencing a time of negativity you will all have to be be a little more private about you goals in order to maintain focus.
Keeping your goals and visualisations private can go a long way to serve you well. It’s not really about being secretive – it’s about being discrete. Many of us end up diluting and weakening our focus and energy by telling others about our desires and goals. The problem lies in that often well meaning friends and partners seem to feel the need to ‘add’ something extra or manage to provide further insights that seem to take you off topic.

In order to stop people from volunteering something for your “benefit” – my recommendation of the week is to keep your goals and visualisations private. If you need help or information ask someone for it.

Here is a little gem of analogy and metaphor I picked up from Evelyn Lim and Happy Lotus

Imagine holding a magnifying glass over a piece of paper in order to focus the rays of the sun so it can catch on fire. If you move the glass around, you are but scattering the energy and have no definite focus – thus the paper will never burn. If, however, you keep the glass steady, you maintain a focus and your goal will be accomplished much sooner. Also, it is unfortunate but many people upon hearing your goals and desires will openly (or secretly) impose their doubts on your ability to accomplish them and because of that, soon you may even start to doubt yourself.

Keep your great ideas and visualisations to yourself – right up until that special moment – until that special moment when your thought becomes a thing.

Be discrete and be awesome. The more outrageously creative your thinking the sooner your ideas become things!

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