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Will this credit crisis stunt eco-efficiency?

A friend asked me what my coach’s view was on this matter the other day. It’s a difficult call. It’s down to the individual again.

There are those people who sacrifice their spirit (and the spirit of their loved ones) for a lie that is mediocrity, by abdicating individual responsibility and allowing procedures and systems, media hegemony, and celebrity opinions to dictate and provide the excuses for their fate in life. They surrender their will to opinion dressed as transient authority and make every effort to blindly become a paid up, card carrying member of society at large or (in the inimitable words of the late Robert Anton Wilson) domesticated primates.

Then there are those, who are aware that there is an ebb and flow, an essence, in all that is life. Those who will seek, through coaching, thinking and learning, to attain deep awareness, wisdom and understanding; those who, no matter what becomes of the structure, or what the structure becomes, are able to create prosperity and growth. These are the true conquerors, the real heroes, for they provide solutions when others simply expect them.

Those that curtail or dither on eco-efficiency should understand that in the very near future their actions will in effect become crimes against humanity. I suspect a lot of those who cover their backsides by misguidedly tossing the ROI term about; those who “protect” their jobs will in this context have at least one pathetic excuse at hand.

Those that step to the plate and do something radical now are the true leaders (perhaps even saviours) – my guess is that their actions will be easy to spot.

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