Should the EU’s emissions-cutting targets be eased because of the global crisis?

Never ever. If we wait for better time or decide we can’t afford to make risky decisions we will become like a puddle on a carpet, we’ll get absorbed by our surroundings and trodden on through our own naive delusion to go back to a bygone era where life was easier.
The global crisis has come about as a result of naîve arrogance and not heeding the warnings.(According to the IMF there have been 42 systemic banking crises in 37 countries between 1970 & 2007) The financial world will keep on changing and continue to grow; it did after 1930 and 9/11 and will continue to do so. This is a crisis in a financial system whose very processes are all made up – the JP Morgans, Gordon Browns, Alan Greenspans and the Federal Reserve of this world can make it work again albeit in “new” way.
We need to treat emissions and befouling our environment like we would a serious global disease epidemic – perhaps using union style “outrage rhetoric” could get some fresh thinking going! To decide on the fate of humanity and condemn communities to a filthy death because the global banking system is having issues is depraved and hideously naîve. To sanction this for cheaper electricity bills is even more gratuitous.

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