Keep your best managers working in the organisation

Sometimes firms are concerned that managers who attend development programmes will have less time for their jobs. Some worry that managers will ‘learn-and-leave’. This should not be a major concern, generally.
The PROJECT is demanding of participants’ time. In fact, we believe that The PROJECT is one of the most demanding and rigorous of self-development programs, requiring individual after-hours work outside of class. We would not design a development programme that was less than rigorous. But almost 2/3 of class sessions are held on weekends so few weekdays are required away from work. Participants can manage the workload for that time and do their jobs as well. In addition to becoming better managers from what they learn in the programme, they will become better managers of time.
Will managers leave the firm after they complete The PROJECT? We don’t believe this will happen if companies structure goals and responsibilities commensurate with the manager’s new skills and knowledge. People who enter The PROJECT are the most highly motivated of managers: they want more work, more challenge, and more authority. That’s why they are volunteering for additional work and self-development. If firms are concerned about retention, we are happy to offer suggestions about structuring tuition payments or retention contracts.
When you send your best people on The PROJECT, you keep them working in – and contributing to – your organisation. You keep the value from their development focused in your business.

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