Develop your managers

Develop them in the program designed for experienced managers
The PROJECT appeals to experienced managers and professionals alike because we develop their ability to move quickly from foundation to advanced execution.  We don’t waste participants’ time: participants will learn to move quickly. The PROJECT is highly integrated and sequenced to allow each event to interlink with the content of the previous courses.
Most structured programs follow a serial or top-down format. Pattern-Matrix can be likened to building a jig-saw puzzle by overlaying the elements onto a picture of the finished product – all the experiences are structured and incorporated to form a set of interlocking elements, forming a big-picture framework. This provides visibility and a sense of knowing where you’re going from the very outset.
Throughout The PROJECT, participants work closely together – we use the power of teams to create a highly supportive and collaborative learning experience. Teams function just as they should in any workplace – drawing on the diverse skills and experiences of all team members.  As a result of this team-based approach, participants develop strong team and leadership skills that can be applied back in their workplaces.
Especially important, they share in a life changing experience coupled with the tremendous satisfaction of creating a million pound philanthropic legacy for those in need.

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