A tale of persuasion

Once upon a time the Sun and the Wind argued about who was the most powerful persuader. In order to settle the debate they picked a man who was walking down the road and agreed on a contest to see who would get the man to take off his coat soonest.

The Sun slipped away behind a cloud and allowed the Wind to go first.

Huffing and puffing and blowing with all its might the Wind tried to relieve the man of his coat. The man resisted simply by holding his cloak closer and tighter – the world around grew more chaotic as the wind raged on, with all manner of things flying about out of control – then finally the man and everyone around went indoors to seek shelter from the raging destructive Wind. Having served only to create a state of chaos and cause mayhem to no avail, the Wind finally gave up – it was unable to force the coat off the man.

Next it was the Sun’s turn – the Sun slipped gently out from behind the cloud and began to shine with all its warmth, making for a wonderful bright sunny day – the man, finding himself uncomfortably hot under the coat decided to willingly take off the coat, and continued on with his business while everyone else about enjoyed a lovely hot day in the sunshine. The Sun and the Wind shook hands!

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