Does creativity really count?

Very much so if the Innovation Index Weekly report website is anything to go by, the US share performance of the top 20 Innovators in 2007 is 13%, just about double the other mainstream U.S. indices.
So how does innovation and creativity create or drive success. What makes for a successful innovation driven business?
At the risk of sounding simplistic, what is required is twofold;

firstly you the require inquisitive people with the eagerness to make innovation and creativity a custom, a part of the corporate culture, a central part of business life and then provide some room for preparation.

secondly you need to identify and highlight who the critics and skeptics are in an organisation, and marginalise their “mood sucker effect” – critics have no place in the innovation equation for they are the ones whose misguided mission is, to stifle innovation. Critics and skeptics inspire only one thing – conformance (aka mediocrity).

To be creative and innovative, all your teams have to know is how to prepare and live for innovation and creativity on a daily basis and then they need room to live it all the time – it’s easy to be innovative and creative when you are given the room every day to inspire your customers.

Further References:

The latest Innovation Index weekly report can be found here: External Link
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