What’s your next job really worth?

What’s your true value? Whether it’s a new job or an increase you want – you probably have salary expectations.

The question is how do you value your expectations. Your chances of being paid the salary you want depends very much on your understanding how much value you bring to the table (your employers table that is) — and how well you can promote that value to the person who controls what you are going to be paid.

The first thing to do is draw up a list of your resources (your business or professional assets).

If you are not a seasoned veteran then start with your education (start there anyway), list out all of your talents (ask other people what they think your best traits are), draw up a time-line which illustrates your track record and include all your successes (if you can note down the financial value of your successful achievements), make a thorough list of your high power contacts (ask them how they would define your skills in 5 words or less), list out any public recognition or awards you may have received, and if you have any business related passions note them down as well.

This list shows your immediate value to the business, the value you walk in with every day.
In a sense this particular list of resources are what your business heads should already know. Think of it this way; this is the very value that they (your organization) should be aware you bring to the table.

Make it clear that the skill resources you can bring to the business are not being capitalized and put to use in the best possible way yet!.

The next thing to do is draw up a list of your assets and ideas you have that will be of value the future progress of your business; be specific about ability and skills you have that could be brought into providing a value advantage to the business. Not necessarily related in your current job or position.

This second list of resources represents your upward value, whether it is immediately related to what you do presently, or whether it is related to something entirely new and valuable.
Never lose sight of a fact; it’s never too early to start preparing yourself for the next job you might want – whether its where you are or someplace else. The more options you have the more you can leverage your true value.

That’s one of the great things when you have choices. The more choices and options you have, the greater the tendency to select the best option.

If you intend leaving a lasting effect on the world, you will need that very same world to know the reason that brings you to the table of opportunity and potential.

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