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Confusion to Understanding

Nowadays, we are bombarded by daily by media fueled righteous indignation and journalistic bile. Many people are constantly seeking fault in the world around us. Whole sections of the population condemn people they don’t even know – simply by interpreting data and opinion that may or may not even be in context. Blame seeking is a type of dis-ease born out of fear and confusion.

The real issue, is that often what is presented to us as news is not factually true it is just a simple (sic) snippet of data – the problem lies in how we interpret, how that news affects our lives, and when we don’t have all the facts our brains react to the confusion and we become fearful and confused – then our societal programming seeks closure by assigning responsibility for this closure action – often termed a judgement call. Judgement is not closure, judgement is a cheap substitute for knowing, it allows for our thinking to be done for us. Judgement is a cheap self righteous way to avoid truly examining something and it’s pertinence to our lives.

Have you ever considered that in all the instances where you were not happy or confident about a given situation, that your thoughts and concerns were based on judgements that arose out of confusion, out of not knowing how to interpret the information at your disposal and also what to do about it. In a sense the need for judgement arises out of not knowing what to think or do about a situation – yup it’s called confusion. Have you noticed how truly wise people never judge – they have the skills to understand.

How about you? Have you ever noticed that when you have insight to all the facts in a given situation you find your self understanding things. rather than judging and assigning balme – when you understand things you know exactly what needs doing and how to do it..

This coming year, I challenge everyone to try something different. Practise love, observation and understanding.

Before you begin judging others quickly, try this ;- hold your thought for a moment, suspect you are taking a judgmentmental stance – then think about that person or group, whoever they are, in a loving way. For one minute imagine they are very special people.

Let’s go ahead by making others feel good for being around you. Focus your intention and ensure that every person who crosses your path leaves your presence feeling better, cared for and loved simply by being around you.

People often ask me how they can make a difference in the complex world we live in. Here is a low cost way for you to change you world:- Observe and undertake to understand, suspend judgement and the world will suddenly become a better place for you – oh and add some love, you get way better results. Try it, It’s easy!

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them” – Mother Theresa

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