Step away from the vehicle!

As we mentioned in a previous post, work is a vehicle that clever people use to help finance their lifestyle. Admittedly some vehicles are more fun than others. That, as we all know is our choice. Sometimes our choices provide results and outcomes that we wish we could get rid of and after a while these things have side-effects, they get on your nerves, or even worse, they begin to stress you out. It’s not to early to help yourself – if you are still stuck call a coach +44 7711 353 440

If you have noticed the following things about yourself:

  • are you are getting irritable early in the day?
  • do you start off grumpy or are snapping at people by mid-morning?
  • do you feel exhausted at odd times during the day?
  • do you notice that you can’t focus properly?
  • do you notice you can’t fall asleep properly?
  • are you waking up in the middle of the night?
  • do you wake up early with hundreds of thoughts that occupy all of your thinking?
  • are you becoming acutely aware that everything you are stressed about belongs to someone else?

Well it’s time to take a step back and assess your life and what you do to finance your lifestyle. It’s time to do more than show up and “check-in” on a workday. You need to pull over at the next exit, turn everything down and “step away from the vehicle” so to speak.

Take a long weekend or a proper holiday (no phones, no fax, no TV, no newspapers, no reuters, no bloomberg etc) you need a break. The symptoms above show that weariness is beginning to touch your work and quite possibly your relationships. The good news – things will not get any better until you take some absolutely energising time off to regain your strength. Think about it.

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