Things to do in 2007

Ready to live an AWESOME life?.

  • Make a wish every morning – write it down on a post-it note and stick it in your underwear.
  • Stay up all night until 9 AM the following day with a lover, friend or stranger and just talk or listen.
  • Get 8 hrs sleep a night for 7 days.
  • Write a book.
  • Sponsor a child with special needs.
  • Start a gym or ballet program.
  • Ride a bicycle once a month for an hour.
  • Make lots of money and get rich.
  • Write a poem.
  • Spend an evening helping out at a homeless or youth shelter.
  • Learn a new language.
  • Paint or sculpt something.
  • Sponsor a cat or dog or commit to bringing a pet home – for life.
  • Change the world.
  • Forgive at least one person or even everyone.
  • Do something to make poverty history.
  • Learn to meditate.
  • Pray for Peace.
  • Every week make your first call of the week to someone to tell them you love them.
  • Stop watching all TV news or stop reading newspapers for 30 days.
  • Find a way to play one song on a musical instrument.
  • Have a tattoo removed, or take off a face piercing and place it in a memories box.
  • Practise switching off your Blackberry and mobile phone between Friday night and Monday morning.
  • Take a whole month off and keep the mobile phone off as well.
  • Read something non-scientific and pretend it is true for a day.

These are simply suggestions but my wish is for you to consciously do at least one new “something awesome” this year, and to “unplug” and free yourself from at least one thing that sucks the energy out of you or give up something you are putting up with or tolerating. – (It’s easier to give up something you can’t stand doing – use the mailform at the bottom of this article to request a copy of – Intolerance Unplugged)

Think on this; “Living” for countless millions of “ordinary” people consists of sleeping for about 7-8 hours a day, “spending” some 8-10 hours commuting and working, and then watching TV or movies for 3-5 hours; clearly this level of “ordinary” probably does not contribute to creating a fulfilled life.

However you can re-pattern your thinking and consequently your life, do some critical thinking and “unplug” your brain from the deluge of noise that pervades our daily life. (“They say news, we say noise”, we all know what I mean – it’s the media speak term for most of the rubbish, nonsense and drivel that is paraded as public information and breaking news . . . . . ok, rant over:)

Perhaps you need to connect with your spiritual side that influences your life. Maybe you need to dump all the negative dogma and mediaeval doctrine you were brainwashed with by (someone else’s) religion and begin to learn how to take charge of your own consciousness. Or, learn to meditate in a different way and get in touch with yourself.

I dare you to question some of your beliefs. To whet your appetite – read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn or suspend your sense of judgement for 2 hours and watch the cult video “What the Bleep do we know” or if you have more time rent or buy What The Bleep? Down the Rabbit Hole – 5 Disc Box Set, the odds might just, start to look pretty good that things may not really be as they seem, but as you make it up and want it to be.

BTW (“What the bleep” is an entertaining eclectic collection of the explanations and observations of various thinkers, molecular biologists, scientists, physicists, psychics and physicians!, religious men and philosophers on the subjects of quantum physics, consciousness, God, addiction, potentiality, reality, psychology and imagination – it is not a laboratory grade factual thesis – it explores enough big ideas, speculations, some theories and observations to entertain and inform most open minded people however I have seen it evoke strong emotions in some (read really piss off) sceptics and flat-earth neo-luddites. Your mileage may vary.)

Some of you may want to give up drugs or alcohol or stop gambling by entering a 12 step program. On the other hand some of you may need to chill out and get stoned, even if it’s simply to restart your brain and ignore the compulsive need to always be “in control”. Some of you may want to learn how to get high simply by breathing (I kid you not) and enrol in a Breathwork program like Holotropic Breathing or The Buteyko Method.

Think like a rich person and work your money, give your money something to do for you. (Scrimping and saving doesn’t work anymore – that’s called hoarding or poverty consciousness – and these types get to spend life as a tightwad whining and going without). Perhaps you use money foolishly and wish to learn how to cultivate wealth in a new way. Many of you thrifty ones may wish to learn how to stop being so poverty conscious and treat yourself – fly First Class to a five star weekend away, a weekend at a holistic spa resort, or go out and get a perfect hand crafted pair of shoes (that fit you perfectly:-) or comission and buy an outrageous item of jewellery (or fly to Zurich and buy yourself a classic hand crafted watch). How about spending a night at an up-market casino or apply to become a member at a private club. Do something everyday to feel alive and begin to lead an awesome life!

For some you may want to allow some intimacy in your life, resolve to do whatever it takes to love someone and show that love, carry your love for your soul mate, lover, special friend, on your sleeve (or a finger!). If that doesn’t work for some of you; find a nightclub, bordello or swingers club and get laid your way.

There is no single right way to live. Get a new hairstyle (sorry Larry – headstyle) or have a proper tailored suit made for you. Eat in a Michelin or Gault Millau rated restaurant. Find a place that serves chestnut soup with fresh shaved truffle and then go and eat there. Remember the smell and try to describe the flavour of truffle. (no the bottled stuff doesn’t count)

Put a knot in your throat:
– make someone else’s life a wonderful place for a few moments
– give a beggar a “twenty” (and feel the knot in your throat)
– give a helpful gardner/child/cab driver/waitress/waiter/cleaner/porter/someone an outrageous tip and experience and feel the glow and heat of a real smile directed at you, even when you are out of sight.

Drive home the long way or take a taxi ride home from work and notice what you never noticed on the route before.

Don’t ever eat alone – make sure that with very meal you have you have someone at hand to talk to! Invite at least one person you don’t know well to lunch or just a coffee at least once a week.

There is a lot more I could call to mind, and you are wise enough I am sure, to get the idea.

Want more? Ready to reach the top? Double your income in 18 months? (or more – how about six times). Do you know how to value your self and your potential in monetary terms?

Come and experience a few days with me this year on one of my “Unplugged” programs. Give me 10 days of your time this year and I will show you how we can make your potential become reality.

(Why Me? Well – Let me just blatantly brag here. In just one group who attended my 2005/6 Unplugged corporate program – we are very proud to say 3 of them are now C Suite executives changing the world in companies rated by Forbes Top 20.)

“The status quo is just another name for people who have stopped thinking,
Success is what happens to people who never stop learning.” – Thoughts from a Sage


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