NLP Gems – [7] Respect each person’s model of the world

As you now know, we all experience reality as our own creation, and we can safely presume that every other person we come into contact with is experiencing the same thing their way.  The big difference is that having read the previous posts, you know that we all are referencing and working through a map.  The great majority of people believe without question, that everything they think and feel is as real for everybody else as it is for them. Never forget that.

As we discussed previously true rapport is established when you can cross over into the other person’s model of the world (and come back when you choose).

Leading is all about what takes place once you gently extend the detail on another persons map of the world.

NLP is all about more options, choices if you like.  Always act with respect to everyone else and their model of the world. Should you wish to change someones map, then it is best to ensure at all times that you are installing a map reference that provides greater flexibility.  Never forget – the system with the most flexibility and options wins.

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