So what about talent then?

Soon after our last seminar I was asked to clarify the difference between skill and talent, without gettting into silly semantic discussions.

If skill is being able to perform perfectly, all the time and every time, talent is the ability to lift and project skills into new vistas of possibility. Talent is the ability to add that little bit of extra creative magic that sets you apart from the champions.

During the 2004 Formula One racing season every one of the teams and drivers were superbly skilled. The Ferrari team and Michael Schumacher exhibited a level of talent way beyond the skills of the others that set him apart from everyone. Talent requires an extra magical ingredient alongside skill; the drive and passion to incessantly be better than the previous best.

Talent is the ability to create and deliver improvements to established limits. Talent is when you know how to make perfect even better. For talented people creativity is no more a habit, it is a lifestyle.

So here is my definition:-

Mediocrity avoids risk, Experts analyse risk, Skill reduces risk, and Talent challenges, dares and dominates risk, and then leaves in its wake that which the skilled wish to chase.

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