Imagine for a moment that you could think like a young child again..

Remember the days when everything in the world around you was magical. Remember waking up at daybreak just to explore the world. Remember how you used to explore things and examine new things, run about and play everyday and all day.

Now here is a test, can you remember when this “world” ground to a halt? Can you remember how you learned to worry and care what other people think of you? How did you learn to fear the unknown?  Have you simply become stressed out just trying to exist? 

So what changed?

It’s all about the “bad” influence in our lives. All of us become conditioned in some way by siblings, parents, teachers, friends all of whom lend a hand and provide us with ideas and beliefs of what the world is. Normally a good mix of negative and positive conditioning takes place in the company of those we trust. Problem is it’s these bad influences that invisibly create polluted beliefs – slowly begin to cage our  happiness, and paralyse our natural magical thinking mechanisms.

Whether these polluted beliefs are true or not – many people embrace them and cannot let go of them. They stop using their imagination and cease to dream and wonder about all the great opportunities and possibilities available to us all. They get “stuck” in a rut of thinking realistically”, “logically” or empirically, scientifically and judgmentally, then they begin judging instead of exploring and observing and suddenly they realise and feel that they are in a rut.

Change back to magical thinking – surprise yourself – you can make your own luck.

HOW? Ok first suspend all judgement about everything – yes everything. It’s not about good or bad – or right and wrong. Accept the fact that things simply are as they are first of all. You will find the more you practise this, the more fun life becomes when you learn to live without judging everything you come across – just observe life as it is – and miracles will occur.

Practise “that’s interesting thinking”:- accept things as they come:- observe:- pretend you are a guardian angel looking down on yourself from a cloud.

We are not saying suspend all common sense here. Simply begin to notice the kinds of disapproving internal questions you ask of yourself. We often have internal dialog where we ask ourselves leading questions – the type that that has pessimistic downbeat and disapproving connotations. Now make a note of the questions you are asking yourself on a regular basis. Write it down.

Now try to re-word or reframe the questions and swap them with one that will make you feel optimistic happier and inspired. Discover what works for you, observe what won’t work for you. Stop taking yourself too seriously. Life is a happy place. Live it now and in the now and live it up! Life is an amazing excursion so enjoy yourself,  live life like the past was a movie, live now as though that all you have. There is always good in the now.

Wake up each day, look yourself in the eyes in a mirror, and ask yourself the following 2 questions.

What could I do today to make MY world a better and happier place?
What one thing could I do today to make the World a better and happier place?


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