Get a life, go meet someone

I read a bit of research last week which stated that a real face to face tête-à-tête is finally proven (sic?) as the right place to start any effective relationship or word of mouth awareness campaign.  Wow! Funny that, who would have thought it!  

Surely anybody knows purely from individual experience, that once you have met someone in the flesh, checked out the body dynamics, and experienced the live vibrations, feelings and emotions from their being there face to face, we would be unsurprisingly more of a mind to grow the relationship (assuming we are keen) through e-mail, “texting” and written notes and further encounters.

Think about it.  A face to face chat can add value to your love life, your social life and especially your career, no matter how under-developed your communication skills are at the moment. Communication is a life skill, and with practice, you become more adept at lively, provocative and fruitful exchanges with even the most impressive people you come across.  And with daily exercise in engaged listening, you can get to increase your success every day. Just a thought.

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