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Green Taxis and Black Cabs

Returning from dinner in London on Saturday night after England fell out of the World Cup was a fun experience.  After standing around Piccadilly for 30 minutes we realised that waiting for a Taxi was futile.  Every cab-driver in London must have been in mourning.

My lovely wife was wearing the “wrong” shoes so walking 6 miles to our station was out of the question as was the overheating underground tube system. The solution, a rickshaw or cycle taxi. They have been operating in central London for a few years and I had always viewed them as “quaint”. The trip turned out to be one of the most fun journeys I had in ages – and it was a “green” way to do things so I gladly paid the premium.

Try something different get someone to pedal you home – it’s clean and green and you get to see places you’ve never seen.

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