Distinction or extinction

The growth and order paradox.

Peter Drucker once wrote that “…no currently working business theory will be valid 10 years hence….”

If large organisations continue to follow the present operationally defensive trends – in ten years time, almost all will find themselves stagnating, frustrated with the need to constantly adjust to change, and motivationally below par – for western governments it holds even more true.

Today’s board level management and HR must begin pioneering new ways of inspiring, providing and most importantly delivering value services to management as well as shareholders. To stand out from even the mediocre, HR will need to stay socially up to date and understand young and mature people without any vestige of ageist bias, they will need to be highly skilled communicators, they need to be knowledgeable, and they need to be part of current business strategy, they need to truly understand the reasoning behind innovation and the constant need for transformation, they need to be up to date on turnaround and restructuring. They will be responsible for ensuring the manager of the future can shape the business of the future.

Virtually every existing organization that intends to be around in ten years time will have to rethink its business theory. For organizations this spells transformational change in business and HR strategy.

For leaders that spells transformational growth at a revolutionary level! Functional training will clearly be an imperative for all leaders, who need to relentlessly hone their leadership, networking and communication skills, or they will face extinction.

Most skill trainings encourage managers to paradoxically seek order and to distance themselves from the turbulence of change. Standard packaged management training today unintentionally discourages innovation and audacity in favour of regulation and compliance. Disagreement is discouraged and many fear to think the unthought-of, they avoid the unexplored avenues and live in dread of uncovering new and hidden agendas – choosing, to go “by the book”. In “The Workplace Within”, author Larry Hirschorn states “Bureaucratic practices, the basis for much modern organization, are too frequently disguised forms of social defence.” This unfortunate indictment highlights the fact that the focus has fallen on preventing change and ensuring conformance (to mediocrity?).

The manager of the future has to make a quantum leap from the traditional defensive soft experiential training. They will need to shift into an Unplugged mode of operating – this mode helps leaders to work through the anxiety of contact with true novelty and unpredictability. Successful management will need to unlearn the tread-gently “soft skills” approach. They will to have to take personal responsibility for their skills, and their “personal development”.

The need to constantly hone the necessary communication skills to participate in powerful and influential, business and social networks will place HR in the spotlight evermore – their responsibility will be to actively ensure that “real world” training is available, appropriate and measurable – HR will soon grow from a role of corporate responsibility to one of resource responsibility, to become co-creators of the “bottom line”.

The manager of the future has to “become change” – to challenge the biases, to flout what is taboo – the “untouchable” subjects and the “holy cows”, to address over sensitive egos and “stare down” the “politically correct distortions” – in effect they will need to take a hands on approach and part the “moo turd curtains” that smother open and candid discourse and innovation.

The Unplugged Leadership program, takes individuals through a searching exploration of what makes them tick, provides experience in the psychology of change, and develops skills in working through the very human resistance to change. The program is a voyage of discovery for the individual and a psychological “cook book” for the team.

The Unplugged Leadership program displaces social defence in favour of personal awareness and the power to change and grow.

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