Stress or No Stress – you choose.

If you observe a person who can overcome the odds, even while under unbearable pressure, you might often wonder if they have something extra. It seems, they do have something extra, they have a number of extraordinary resources at their disposal.

Contrary to many myths, these people do not simply find themselves in a high anxiety state, take a deep breath, collect their thoughts, and then drop back into the driving seat.
They do not apply some mystical NLP technique, and then simply take control of their physiology and neurology and regulate or ignore the pressure.

The truth be told, many of these folks do not even experience stress at all! While those around them are anxious, and losing their heads, these people appear calm, in the “zone”, stimulated, inspired and in charge.

So, how do they do that? Above all they know how to deal with volatile or uncertain situations that appear by simply maintaining an unplugged state. Rather than getting frantic and working themselves into a state of uncontrolled anxiety by presuming the worst has happened or will soon, they do some clever things most people cannot.
They become truly and unashamedly curious. To the observer it seems that they can calmly an objectively peer “down the gun barrel” and ask for the bullet specification, in other words they seem fearless. They are not self-conscious about what they do not know.

They adopt a systems approach – asking questions, exploring and looking for the whole “story”; they also look for any other “story” and how all things affect the entire situation.

Here is what they do not do.

  • They do not assume the worst, in fact they do not assume at all.
  • They do not become “judge, jury and executioner” in their minds and then conclude that “the situation”, warrants a quick verdict and a sentence.
  • They do not assume opinions to be facts.
  • They don’t extrapolate and project inadequate information into material evidence.
  • They do not make things up and then assume a state of dread, fear and anticipate impending doom.
  • They do not “predict”; because “prophetic facts” often have a habit of becoming self-fulfilling.
  • They do not make misguided and facile statements like “I work better under stress”.
  • They do not assume any of the following three typical stress states:-
  • They do not delusionally become hopeful runaways, i.e. – “Ignore it, Run away from it”.
  • They do not practice Indecision, i.e. – “Freeze ’till it goes away”.
  • They do not abuse their authority and become a Power trip Bully i.e. – “find scapegoat, fight scapegoat , blame scapegoat, try scapegoat, sentence scapegoat, execute scapegoat, publicly display “goat-head” to bystanders, look around for more scapegoats, repeat power trip”.
  • They also do not, as many self help psychobabble experts suggest, mystically become “emotionally detached” (whatever that means?).
  • Here is what they do, do.

    • They explore, they stimulate themselves to become deeply inquisitive because they are naturally curious and they ask questions.
    • They are observers and they are curious about what they explore.
    • They inquire about things that they do not know enough about. They seek to understand fully.
    • They also know precisely how to communicate strong opinions in a way that is persuasive, pervasive and clear.
    • They make themselves and others feel safe, while skillfully and considerately explaining their own positive purpose and objectives.
    • They expect candor and invite openness in their exchange of ideas and discussions. Often they will deliberately encourage disagreement in order to explore unthought-of of and unexplored avenues and uncover hidden agendas. In doing this they always manage to break through the biases, the “untouchable” subjects and the “holy cows”, the over sensitive egos or the “politically correct distortions”, in effect they part the “moo turd curtains” that often restrict open and candid discourse.
    • They do not generalize; they look intently at the sum of parts – they take a “what needs to be done to make this work” approach.
    • They engage and they become engaged.These “cool” superstars clearly have access to something special, a secret passed on by wise sages through the ages. To them, curiosity is a primary inoculation against stress. In order to unsubscribe from stress they cultivate an unplugged curiosity mindset.
    • They constantly maintain a perspective that we call the “Unplugged Observer”. This curious skill is a well kept secret, it shows itself as a sense of anticipation, almost a kind of excitement, which in turn inspires discovery and exploration.
    • Their fear response and negative emotions are kept in check because in this secret state they are energized and curious. When others around them become aware of this excited and curious state they are naturally inclined to get drawn in, to participate. Therefore, they are naturally inclined to be inspired to succeed.
    • They have happier, exciting, fun filled, healthier lives. They also live longer.

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