Ready for a new job?

Whether it’s a new employer or new agent or you need to get through the dreaded “glass” or “lace” ceiling.

NLP can improve almost every one’s communication skills performance. There are so many ways that you can use NLP to improve your interview performance.

Below is a quick Interview technique101 to remind you of the basic structure. Practice, Practise, Practice is the most important thing you need to do to build these skills into your interview skill set to achieve the best results. Use friends, family and even considering getting a coach. +44 7736 11 22 11. Above all use all the time to get yourself prepared
Recommended reading: ‘Persuasion Engineering’ by Richard Bandler and John La Valle.

Basic cycle

• Get attention
• Establish when you have Rapport and gather information
• Package your “FrontPage” presentation script (It’s your elevator speech)
• Inoculate against objections/competition and test for close
• Close & future pace and build in prospecting (drink/coffee next week) – remember it’s a contact (more is better).

Interviewing NLP skills

Determine your State
Establish that you have Rapport
Deliver your Value statements – your “FrontPage” presentation script (It’s your elevator speech)
Tactful Fact-finding. Ask “Fact finding” questions – don’t interrogate.
Identify primary needs and criteria
Drop a few Anchors!
Replay back and story telling
Ask Tag questions
Handle any objections
Build in networking – invite for drinks/coffee.

Kiss is best

1. induce good state
2. introduce skills or services
3. close
4. SHUT UP and listen.


Always lead with your state. Determine what’s the best state to be in? For you and the situation, select from: – curiosity, gentle & calm, powerful, interest, confusion, empowering, go-go-go etc. They all have their place – you chose. Practice in front of someone.


Make sure you have it, and then forget about it. Let it flow naturally.
Summon up your pacing and leading skills.
You can match and/or mirror posture to a certain extent (max – for the first 20-30 seconds) above all KEEP IT NATURAL!
Matching voice speed – and if appropriate pitch and tone, is most useful.

Where appropriate use your parties exact words. (paraphrasing could be a problem with polarity responders)

Value statements -your “FrontPage” presentation script – your elevator speech

When you have to get a message across quickly i.e. in a “so what do you do?” call or meeting the CEO while waiting for, or in a lift – try out the following script structure. Keep the structure but change the content.
I can increase your (adjective) market position by 5%. + (Adverbial)
E.g. I can boost your profitable market position by 5%. Quickly.
E.g. I can reduce your downtime by 25%. Easily.
E.g. I can reduce your average project delivery slippage by 5-15 days. Safely.

Remember that lengthy or temporal (time based) value propositions must always incorporate ‘toward’ and ‘away from” incentives.
E.g. Hiring a strategic and planned mix of local and offshore resources will both increase your efficiency and reduce the frustration of long visa waiting times.
Practise your “FrontPage” scripts in the mirror ensure that you can answer this question comfortably even if you are woken by a call at 3 am in the morning.

Tactful Fact finding – questions

Most important is – What’s in it for them. When in doubt ask! Be curious. What do you really need to know to progress the discussion? Upgrade your questions with the following

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